About Agility

Agility began 26 years ago in 1978, when it was used as a novelty event between the main events at Crufts Dog show. Interest was immediate and a number of clubs were soon established and competitions started.   There are now Kennel Club and unaffiliated shows around the UK. 

Dogs doing Agility

Agility is a handler and dog negotiating a series of obstacles, arranged into a course by the judge, as accurately as possible and in the fastest time possible.   The obstacles are arranged in a course between 16 and 20 items, which will test control, skill and speed.  The items include a number of jumps together with all or any of the following; dog walk, A frame, see- saw, floppy or rigid tunnel, tyre, long jump, wishing well, spread, pause box, table, wall, weave poles. 


Dogs doing agility

All breeds can be considered suitable for Agility, the smaller breeds will jump at a lower height (like Jack Russells, Mini Poodles).  Larger breeds (like Collies, GSDs) will jump full height which is a maximum of 65cms.  And of course, Crossbreeds of any size.

Whirlwind’s aim is to train positive agility to each dog and handler on an individual basis to help reach their optimum performance.  Please take your time on contacts and waits.  Try different handling techniques (which will be explained to you). Do not be afraid to repeat an exercise, try again or improve your run.  It is important to have good basic skills and communication with your dog.  Nothing is achieved by getting angry with yourself or your dog.  Your dog will only learn by repeating an exercise correctly and being praised, and build confidence in the both of you.  Never compete against others in your class, as everyone is different and everyone has their own talents, you just have to find them.

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